Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mom's Greatest Love

Received text message from Mommy:

"Girl how are you. Sorry computer rosak. Miss and love you alot."

I replied:

"Ma ma miss you alot also. What you doing? Want me to call?"

Waited for 5 mins, still no reply and decided to call. Spent around 70rubles for 10 mins talk. Expensive right? Sigh but it was all worth it. After putting down the phone only realized she replied me.

"Girl no need call. Wish you live safe and sound."

It's like a sudden burst of blissfulness coming through. The power of mom's love. It's always UNCONDITIONAL, never ending and the best part of all, she never gives up on you :)


I like this song very much.
aiwoavril - shi jie mo re (jay chow) 世界末日

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