Sunday, March 16, 2008

old fear resurfacing

Just had my first ever cramp experience since the last time I was so actively involved in sports which was probably dated back when I was in form 4...Still remember the time I was fighting to represent my school for swimming. We will have our weekly practice at Victoria Institution's swimming pool. And us being coached and monitored by a bunch of really buff Water Polo club's students of VI. Heck I was still very conscious of my body and always wear this ugly swimming suit to hide my unsightly body from the eyes of the hot guys. Lol. Still remember an incident where I was swimming freestyle laps non-stop. Suddenly felt this horrific tightness on my calf. Couldn't move my legs, I nearly drowned and quickly asked for help. One of the guys had to carry me out of the water and rest at the side of the pool. So embarrassing while my fellow mates carry on with their swimming practices...

Yea. So I had the cramp while I was happily playing basketball yesterday. I already had felt it coming a few minutes before that. Just a throb of pain so I ignored it and continue playing and all. Till when I went to steal the ball I couldn't move my left leg and started feeling spasm of cramps on my left calf. Lol. Yunn Min came to rescue but Dominic the Stjohn's ambulance guy help my muscle to loosen up. Wonder if it's going to happen again in near future. Hopefully not. I just have to have a proper warming up session before doing extreme exercises..


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