Monday, March 10, 2008

overflooding blog

Don't know why. The number of visits today exceeded all previous records. 600 views already when it's only noon. What is happening? Scary. Just finished watching Possessed. Some lousy movie starring Amber Chia and Harisu, if you know these 2 gorgeous ladies. Movie was really bad. haha. But can't deny both of them are really beautiful :)

Amber Chia

Gorgeous transgender Harisu

Went to give chor dai di competition a try which is held by the Massad committee this year. Lol. Luck wasn't on my side. Lost in the first round :( sob sob. Gone my 60rubles haha. But at least got to eat my favorite Sanfuri at Sinbad after losing. Been like 3 months since my last visit. Feels nostalgic. haha. Now I am full and satisfied :)

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