Sunday, March 30, 2008


Went Tunnel for clubbing last night in conjunction with Balshoi's 21st birthday celebration. Prior to that his gf, my close friend, Moyie made a suprise birthday for him. It was nice and sweet. Off we went around 20 of us to the club near our hostel at Yugo Zapatnaia. The place wasn't up to my expectation at all -_-'' The only nice thing about is the camwhor-ing part. Took massive pictures especially in the toilet. Nice wallpaper :P Got to know some great new friends like Anaand and Gajen as well :)

The pictures:

Pre-drink in the

Hottie Mira, mua, Vivien


Dance dance..


She's hawtt...

Handsome Gajen

Why you so tall ar? :(

Sam getting drunk

The dancer went and pose for me to capture her pic

The birthday boy

Hot dancerr...

Going wild

Mira, Hari, Amy

Mr Cool & Ninja Boy

Moyie!! and Li yuan!!


New found treasure friends :)

Must tangkap gambar..



Lol..I got no cleavage :(

Yumnesh, sports rep

dance dance.

Kiss me...

Marlboro lights is not good for you, Kristof

Don't steal my drink Rajdave :P *Not my drink actually*

Couch area

My face looks like I am....

I love the wall...and my pose :P

My clubbing mate, I miss you..

Her virgin clubbing experience no more? Lol

The dress made me look...bulging on my tummy :(

Peace and shoes..

Condom machine? *steam faces*

Oh this is treasure Lol..

Guys in the girl's toilet

Girls in the guy's



Outside the club

Gajen's arm very long..

Waiting for Mc Zaftrak to open


p/s: I couldn't walk after clubbing. My feet hurt like hell..-_-''


duntellya said...

eh the condom machine thing is so funny..and the gals trying to shoot in the guys tym must take better pic...angle tak betul...haha

sam said...

mc zaftrak was so fulfilling !!!
so stimulating !!!
so exhilirating !!!
plus my kopi-oh and 10 sachets of sugar made d screens...i kno i owe u nuggets...zzz

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