Friday, March 28, 2008


Thomas Beatie is 22 weeks pregnant. You’re probably scratching your head right now wondering who this person is. Beatie is a woman, who had her breasts surgically removed to make them look flat, with the nipples intact, and she kept her vagina, but has been allowed by a court to falsely identify herself as a male. Beatie was also allowed to then marry a woman. Now Beatie used a fertility bank, and in-vitro fertilization, to get pregnant. Despite being allowed to do all these things, which many Americans would object to, Beatie is now complaining she has been discriminated against. Beatie needs to see a psychiatrist because this issue is no longer about her, it’s about her baby. It was irresponsible for her to get pregnant when she may or may not be able to breast feed, and Beatie is taking testosterone to look like a male, which may have very negative effects on the baby.

Beatie is a good example why fertility clinics need rules as to who they can help to have a baby.

Just in case anyone is confused, men don’t have vaginas.

Update: Beatie says she stopped taking testosterone long enough to have a baby. It’s seems unfair that cancer and aids patients, who experience muscle wasting, have a very difficult time getting testosterone because it’s considered a steroid, but this transgender person had no trouble at all.

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