Saturday, May 17, 2008

государственная третьяковская галерея

Woohoo, all of us passed our practical examination for General Surgery today. We were all stress-free even if it was just for a day and were even happier when we found out that there was no Russian class. Free like a bird at 1pm, all of us decided to hit Mcd at третьяковская metro.

The queue was quite long, nevertheless we enjoyed our meal there talking crap as usual. Since it was quite early and the infamous государственная третьяковская галерея was just around the corner, we went there to take a look. Chong and Kristof had initially went there before but the 3 girls wanted to enter the gallery. Being the 'gentlemen' as they are, they agreed to follow us and paid the minimal fee of 50rubles entrance for students and started our journey admiring paintings of olden times.

The great 'Pushkin'

War war war

The paintings were beautiful but too bad I am not that 'artsy' to be able to judge and understand the beauty and meaning behind them. It just brought back memories when I was in Lourve Museum back in Paris. Those were the great days...Haha...After spending nearly 2 hours in the gallery, all of us were exhausted. Truly, going for art gallery easy ain't an energetic task. But I have no regrets about it. Took some pictures for memories.

Entrance to the gallery

The front yard

Gorgeous chandeliers

Kristof was holding the camera

Lol just like the lightings

The guys with full confidence

We girls like to take pics too. Even during 'makeup-less' day.

Tired and exhausted

Walking back

Eekim told me, 'Eh, smile nicely lah!'. Result: Squinted sepet eyes.

Amy said, 'Cannot cannot. Super ugly. Again!' *Smiled and tried opening the eyes wider*
Tada: Better result. :)

Red beautiful tulips!

The group 32 girls..incomplete

Purple ones!

The guys were so bored..

Pretty Sheila..

Baking under the sun..

p/s: Please tell me I don't look like an auntie with my hair tied up! I need a haircut!! :(

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