Saturday, June 14, 2008

Broken wings

It was an ordinary Friday evening. I was immensely watching the football match between Italy and Romania when I received an online message over the msn. As I glanced at the 'all-too-familiar' name blinking at the task bar, I was looking forward to the usual greeting and chat so I nonchalantly clicked on the chat box.

It wasn't what I was expecting.

'Are you there? I need someone to talk to.'

That was the first message I saw. I replied, 'Yea, wassup?'

'I just broke up with my girlfriend. I am so so heartbroken.'

I was flabbergasted. It wasn't what I thought our conversation will be. Yet another couple succumbed to the 'jinx of the month'.

'She just lost the feeling ever since winter break. And now that her exam is over and done with, she can finally talk it over.'

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. It was like the whole scenario in the past playing back in my head like a rewind tape.

'So painful. '

'So meaningless.'

'I just want to isolate myself.'

'I don't think I can ever forget about it that easily.' , he explained.

'BE STRONG.I am here if you need me.'

That was all I could muster. I knew very well how he felt at that very moment, yet I knew that whatever I say will not make a difference at that point. Anyone of us will too devastated and emotional to digest anything in our head if we were to be in his position.

'I just can't when it comes to her', was what he retorted. I was overwhelmed by his LOVE for her. I could feel it all the while, since the moment I came to know of him 2 years back.

You will get through it my friend. Believe in yourself. Even if it takes months, or even years, one day you're going to STAND STRONG and move on.

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ming siew said...

have u been in a relationship b4 amy?xpecially those super long ones like for 4 years.and u just cant take it anymore, u have to break it off not because u hv no more feelings for that person, simply because u knw tht it wont work.those r the most frustrating breakups, loving a person so much but you HAVE to end the relationship.haih...i wonder how people cope. hope tht ur friend's alrite, as far as i knw, people dont heal that fast if they are into it completely..