Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr Alvin Kor

Papa Daddy Pa Paps...

That's how most of us call our Daddy the 'manja' pampered way. With Father's day lurking around the corner, this is the time we can actually show our gratitude to him.

Mr Alvin Kor,

You gave me an English name when I was a toddler, naming me Amy after your initial. A name that I came to love.

You used to spoil me with toys and most of the things that I craved for and still pampering me with extra cash to splurge.

You spend all your life and youth working your heart out for us, your beloved children. Because you want us to lead a better life than you.

You gave wholeheartedly your hard earn money sponsoring your beloved daughter all the way to Russia, believing she can fight her way through a medic degree while crying silently in your heart because all the while, you yearn for your daughter to stay by your side, to just watch her grow up to be a fine lady right before your eyes.

You yield to her constant complains and late nights when she was ever around back home. You're the man who would wait for her patiently in the living room praying that she will be back safely every night. Sorry for putting constant unwanted worries to you, Pa.

I promise I will cut down my late nights when I am back and spend more time with the family.

You never said even once 'Bi, Pa loves you' throughout my 18 years of life with you. But you whispered those 4 words each and every time we talk over the phone or the msn when I am away. Pa, I know it takes a lot of courage for you to say them out aloud, so I always feel overwhelmed with a sense of belonging and love each time.

You're the only man who never gave up on me. Thank you Pa. I just want to say....

Happy Father's Day

I hope that God will bless you with good health, happiness and love.

Proud to be your daughter,
Amy Kor

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