Saturday, August 02, 2008

Goodbye Phi Phi Isle

And there we were at Phi Phi, having the best times of our life.

Guy ogling

The strong lean tan bod.

The picture I requested.

Secretly took pictures of him.

Sun, sea and beach

Me me me at Monkey Bay

Yea, both of us swam from the boat to the shore.

I looked like I was doing the 'big' business.

K. Now that's better. :)

Bamboo Beach Escapade

Paddle ashore.

Finding for her lost sandal.


Look at the fishes.

Tilted head.

What more can I say?

Best of friends.

I was bored while waiting for Mei to find her sandal. He he.

On the way back to the ship.


Just me and the gorgeous blue sea.

Exhilaration. Excitement.


Get up again.

And jump again. This time from 3 stories up.

Crystal clear water.

Peace for the camera.

Feast f0r the eyes.

The unspeakable sensation when you're on air.

The ship poses

Bamboo beach behind

Turn your body to the side.

Just the two of us.


Yea. I love her :)

Sheepish smile


Double take.


The fishes galore

The ticklish feeling.

The excitement.

The feeling of fear when you accidentally touched the fish's fin -_-'''

Smile and you'll look good.

Scared. The fishes loved me.

Candid always work best.



Play with the water.

Jump into the cold water again.

Play around.

The detour

Some cave.


Love it.

Let the sun shine on me!

There he goes again.

Multi tone.



Squinting eyes due to the glaring sun.

Time to suntan.


I can't open my eyes!

And then it's all over

Ice cream treat after.

Night adventure



Swing swing.

And you lift one of your legs up.

Music and drinks

The dangerous fire show.

There we sat.

The atmosphere.

A new found friend.

They danced.

We followed.


All hot and sweaty.

Dance to the music babeh...

And that's how our trip ended. With a blast! Hopefully another trip next summer :)

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