Sunday, August 10, 2008

Siloso beach fun~

2nd part of my Sentosa bliss!

Clarification: The exposed fairer skin at my bikini line are not my boobs.They are just unexposed skin due to the low cut bikini I wore at Krabi!!!!!

Siloso Beach

We were happy to be there!

Uncle and nephew

Hot chic

With her bodyguards. LOL


Your blogger's back

I like candid walking pictures hehe~


Uncle 2

Choy and mua. Look at her hot bod!

Too obscene, hence the shorts.

Emo Emo pic

On the beach

Too painful to open my eyes. Flabby tummy.. :(

Walking to get some drinks!

Waiting for the smoothie

Mmm..refreshing. Bad angle :(

I noticed Choy's big stubby toes :P lala

Hand in hand

We walked down the beach overlooking the sun set


Its backyard

Beds for free

Its outlook

Too bad I wasn't there for the night :(

Bar + DJ area

I wanted to dip in the pool...

Our cocktails


Her drink was awful :P

Cocktail: Sex on the beach. Yum yum!

Just me!

The sexy her

Comfy but 'dirty' bed

We kept asking the waiter to take pictures for us :P


Beautiful sunset 1

Beautiful sunset 2

Coconut trees

With the front porch of Cafe Del Mar

Walking back

Sentosa at night. *Songs of the Sea*

Taken from the Sentosa Express Station

Conclusion: Sentosa was gorgeous! Will go back again if given a chance next summer! :)

Mission accomplished: Getting a tan

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Anonymous said...

nice tan, don't need to feel shy just take off the shorts , nice photo quality too