Friday, December 05, 2008

All the ugly shots.

*Blame blogger!* I actually wrote this whole post and published it. Out of a sudden, an error was found and my blog was stagnant for more than 15 hours! Now that it's back I lost the achieve of this post! What is this man?

This shot was taking during Facultative Surgery Lecture. It was a revenge from Siva because I took hold of a picture of him dozing off during Urology class with his slippers dangling from his feet. Haha. I did not mean to fall asleep, was just too tired from the late night before and the lecture in russian's too boring for me!

ZZzzzzZZ, snoring in class.

Futsal league pictures as usual. Taken by the many budding photographers of RSMU.

Pebbles vs D'Noobies
5-1 (won)

A cheer for the team especially to Vina who was ill that night and could not make it for the match!

Watching another team in action.
Seated on the floor from left: Michy, Chanaz (Captain)
Top left: Karina, Amyksy, Tasha, Yogz
Missing: Vina

Yay. Everyone was facing the camera :)

p/s: Can't wait for the food fest later today! *Fingers crossed*

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