Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Running out of pictures to post up! :( :( Hopefully we're going to the Centre this weekend, so look forward for a new set of pictures uploaded! :) The last batch taken in Barceloneta Beach. Lusting for the place!!

The place that gets wild at night! Awesome clubbing area right at the beach!

The dock

Foot steps

Basking under the sun

Emo emo

In between


Self portrait. Lovely weather.

Forgot what the building is called

Magic Clouds

Another view


She walks


♥**TeE**♥ said...

Beautiful pictures Amy...^_^

ming siew said...

ur really very good at taking pictures...especially the shoes!i mean footsteps!!very niiiiccceee~~~

AmyKsy said...

thanks girls :D

Raymond T. said...

barca !!!!

AmyKsy said...

[raymond] yay! hehe. you referring to the champs league finals winner right? :P :P go go barca! yay! hehe. and yea, barcelona was awesome :D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The skyscraper on the right is Torre Mapfre and the luxurious Hotel Arts on the left.

The beach is gorgeous, isn't it. Aaaahhhhh.. Barca!! :) :) :)

AmyKsy said...

[gorgeous ol' eve] you memorized the names of the places? amazing!! beach's effin' gorgeous!!!! yay's istanbul goin for you?