Saturday, August 01, 2009

A little rant of my own

These 2 days have been like a strike of bad decisions! Had an outing with Aren yesterday. It has been around 4 months since the last time we met up which was back in Volgo Games 2009. He was having his attachment at Ampang Hospital so I drove over to pick him up and headed over to our venue, KLCC. Little do I know is that it was the 1st day of PC FAIR at KLCC! Damn unlucky la! The whole place was jammed up and the parking lot was filled to the brim! The shopping mall was infiltrated with people of all shape and sizes! It was hard to walk around without bumping to familiar old friends!

It was nice meeting you Ainul XD. Had lunch at Avenue K (Little Taiwan sucks big time! Don't bother going there for food!) Accompanied Aren for some shopping done and we headed over to the park for some photography done. I WANT TO GET MY DSLR SOON! How how how! Sigh. Aren just gotten his 450D a few days ago so we explored the mighty gadget. Took pictures of everything we saw and you've guessed it right, we CAMWHORED! It was fun and informative at the same time! XD We managed to capture some pretty shots of ourselves. He's going to edit it and yea, when it's done its SHOW TIME XD.

We watched the movie 'THE LAND OF THE LOST' as the fella has watched almost all the movies on screen! It's crazy ok! I nearly lost the chance to watch a movie! Btw, don't bother watching that stupid movie. It was pretty lame. Headed back home afterwards. Walked all the way to Maya hotel and we were both drenched in sweat as he was wearing his formals and the smart me in my sleeveless attire! Can't wait for the pictures.

As of now, I am waiting for Warren to come pick me up! Gosh, the stupid rally's making the whole KL congested. I doubt he's going to reach anytime soon cause he's been stuck in the jam for almost an hour and a half!

I wonder if I am going to Zouk tonight! Who's going? Anyone?


Pictures from Bangkok trip part 1

Ala ala Thai

Wat Arun at the back

Got my nails painted for rm5!!!!

The adventures of TUKTUK.

We took the 3 wheel vehicle almost everyday! And got cheated countless of times! Lesson learnt, DO NOT TAKE TUKTUK!

I like this blurry picture.


XXI. Stands for Forever 21. Got 2 lingeries from La Senza. Not exactly cheap!

Posing outside CentrePoint.

Our shops for 1 day. Mind you we went shopping for 5 days!

Girls with our daily fix of Thai teas and coffees! Yum!
From left: Kpy, Pearly, Amyksy, Choy.


b0mB§h€LL said...

whoa.. look at your shopping bags!!!!!!! :( so funnnnn must be damn cheap right?? man cant believe i missed out!!

What happened to mich and mf? swine flu scare? hehe

i did my nails in balik for RM 7! i guess bangkok is cheaper then.

AmyKsy said...

hahaha yea its dam cheap! I am soooo broke Kim! Wish you were there to join us also!!!

Mich and Mf didn't go la last min! Go scold them la! Haha, scared of the swine flu I guess.

What balik? Yea, its cheaper in Bangkok but its just nail painting without manicure obviously!