Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trying out my new baby

Test drove my dslr last Sunday. Totally fall in love with Chaves (Yea, that's his name, YMui should know why LOL).

First day of class today. Not really looking forward to it, duh...still having holiday mood! Hope it'll get better in future days....

Quality pictures time~

Canon babe...

Anaand and mua at Mcd.

Arbat street...

Paparazzi's shot konon =P

Hands folded



Kropotinskaya. <3


The scenery

It's so easy to capture jumping shots with Chaves!

Weee that's me!

Emo la konon.

Outfit for the day:

Dark blue oversized jacket : Online
Old man's singlet: Supermarket
Frayed denim shorts: Topshop
Black Oxfords: Topshop

Double jump! Had to ask one of the passerby that owns a dslr to take for us, otherwise, there's no way I'll trust them to help us take a shot!

Nearby park at Kropotinskaya. Lucky Anaand, had a pigeon trotting next to him right at that moment.


My favorite angle.

Heineken for dinner. LOL

Totally love the photoshoot outing. More to come next time~


Anonymous said...

the shoes are awesome!

AmyKsy said...

:D go get oneeee

yuetmui said...

love him? what makes u suddenly said so? haha

AmyKsy said...

[ym] ntg la. lol his name is quite special right. i think i will remember him la. lol :P wont you?