Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Taste of Russian Vodka

Lol. I know the title has NOTHING to do with the post, but am too lazy to find a suitable title for it. Final batch of random pictures taken at the park. It has been ages since the last time I went for any outing. Hopefully this weekend's plan will turn out fine. Can't wait!

With love

Let's take a peek

Bbeng trying out the dslr

Green green grass of home

Us. Awkward angle! I looked horrible! :(

Blue & Black

The lake

Merged images into one.



The clouds


Anonymous said...

nice pictures

AmyKsy said...


ChiroBie said...

New templates again! Hehe =p

I like the 2nd pic - Let's take a peek!

AmyKsy said...

haha thanks! you got i-wave internet already right?

ChiroBie said...

Yeah - The sucky i-wave -___-