Friday, February 12, 2010

судебная медицина

It was Autopsy day today.  The 2nd class of Forensics Medicine. It was an eye opener. Something pretty new to us 5th year Medical students. It was a sudden death for the 27 year old Russian male. No significant injuries on the external except for the injection wound on his left cubital fossa. A few self-made tattoos can be seen scattered all over his body. He is of stout build approximately 6' tall and 180lbs. Rigor mortis. Our teacher opened up his skull, his trunk and we examined the organs one by one. The stench was bearable much to our surprise. He was dead less than 12 hours based on our findings. The body was cold. His liver was 3 times the normal size and weight. So is the spleen. The lungs black due to smoking. Massive bleeding of internal organs.We pre-diagnosed him to have died due to Intoxication. Diagnosis can only be confirmed with the results of blood and urine samples as well as tiny slices of important organs such as the liver, spleen and stomach for microscopic examinations.

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very interesting :) do more of this!