Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer you better be good.

Snows starting to melt. Spring's coming and then summer. That's when Love blooms. Love reigns. It's always the fresh air of summer that makes that few months the human mating season. Recently I started seeing the chance to fall in love again. To be loved and to love in return. Mixed feelings started tumbling down on me. Feeling excited, happy yet at the same time doubtful and paranoid. I so want to make this work, I think I fussed too much about it.

I need to distract myself for a while. I need to stop dreaming about his charm and beauty. Just go with the flow. Stop thinking about whether it will work, how it will work, and how I want it to work. All I can do is wait and if he's the right one, he shall be.

Wish me luck.


kenwooi said...

i wanna experience all 4 seasons but only Winter.. haha.. enjoy spring! =)

AmyKsy said...

icic. come over to europe for studies then.