Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am not SAFE!

Faces of the suicide bombers.

11:38, Moscow, Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The remains of the victims of the terrible terrorist attack after the forensic examination were sent to the morgue.

In Lubyanka metro at 7.52 am on March 29 a huge explosion occurred, killing 24 people, injuring dozens.
Suicide bomber's body was torn into small pieces. However, her head and leg were still intact. These parts of the body can help to identify the terrorist.

At 8.37 am at the station "Park Kultury", another bomb exploded - killing 13 people.

- The first explosion occurred at a time when the train doors opened, people began to leave, and others entering the car - told Life News police officer, visited the place of attack.
- I was in a nearby car when the explosion occurred - told the passenger of the Red Arrows, blasted the "Lubyanka. - The doors of the neighboring car literally puke out. At least 15 people were killed immediately.

The Day for attack chosen by bandits have been a challenging one. March 29 Russia began Holy Week - the last Week before Easter.
The bomb destroyed the 2 nd and 3rd cars with head composition. The bomb was in the second car.

- I was driving to work in a nearby car with the one in which there was an explosion - says a native of Chelyabinsk Julia Tarasevich. - Just at the entrance to the platform there was commotion, the train stopped, then it started moving slowly to the station. Everyone in the carriage started panicking: Doors were jammed and we had to opened the doors by force. When the crowd pushed me onto the platform, I saw my bloody foot. In the end, I was sent to hospital № 13.

- Blast Wave went into the third coach in the first, the ceiling, on the sides and out - told Life News source in law enforcement. - Train driver was also injured. He is in shock, but no serious injuries. The bomb was packed with chopped pieces of reinforcement. We also know that it is likely to set in motion using a mobile phone - at the scene found batteries and scraps of wire. Most of the victims were in the second car. Also killed a man standing in a third car next to a glass door.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and the head of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir bells came to the site of explosion.
- Most of the wounded are in critical condition - told Life News physicians.

According to preliminary data, it was a powerful bomb stuffed with steel balls in motion suicide bomber.

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