Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kursk Games 2010 Preview

Just some pictures taken during the closing ceremony of the Games! Sigh, so much dramas, so much tears, so much sweat! Going to blog about it soon. Hopefully. If I haven't lost interest in it! Haha

Got 2 medals.

Bronze for Handball females.

Silver for Futsal females.

Sad. Could have done better. Could have strive harder. Nevermind. Looking forward to Moscow Games 2011. My final one. Let it be good people! =)


Woebegone Cher said...

dei woman!! lol..ur first pic aso got my big big face there de???

LOL..honoured honoured!!! =p

AmyKsy said...

hahaha ehhh!! you're cherrie! gonna link you up liao woman! teeheee~!~