Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kursk Games 2010

The time has come for us to march towards the fighting ground, to play with our hearts and souls, with unbreakable spirits & strengths! RSMU will be leaving to Kursk for the annual sports event tomorrow. I am feeling miraculously confident. I felt that trainings had been sufficient and totally useful. Although prior to this I always do feel that trainings were a burden and totally deprived me from my social life. Yet it totally helped me to improve tremendously. All thanks to the coaches & teammates who have been supportive. I am glad I made it through those tiring days!

Recently there have been some unpleasant conflicts surrounding the games. As usual, different universities will try to dig infos out of the other university to better prepare themselves during the games. I find that utterly disgusting. 

Can't they just play for the LOVE of sports instead of focusing on only one thing, WINNING. I mean, winning is a huge deal, but to use all sorts of tactics and modes just to achieve what you want, is just not right. Eg, hurting other players. I will probably throw a fit if my teammates got injured during the game. The reason why I chose playing 2 sports which are, futsal & handball is because, I have passion and interest for both sports. 

That's it.

Not because I crave for gold or fame & glory. 

I seriously. really. hope that this games will be A FAIR AND JUST ONE.

RSMU is not a gangster's contingent. Please mind your words people. 

Now lets rock & roll.

<3 Handball

<3 futsal


nonsense said...

looks whos taking.. i could remember how'd u guys played handball(rsmu female)..just so you know, im speaking thru experience.. i played against you guys, and all i get are bruises.. pulling one another's hair, strangling one another.. hitting and pinching... play clean konon.

the best part. when u guys concede the winning goal, playing against the finalist.. one of your players stood up from the bench and push the scorer to the ground. wth for?? ridiculous.. barbaric actions!! for the love of the game?? i dont think so!

Alice See S.Y said...

miss nonsense,

never i heard something like this happened last year, and i trust my unimates from RSMU for not doing that kind of stuff ever.

i will understand that everyone tries to stand out for their unis,but need not to condemn or manipulate others.

sports is about promoting peace, friendship and cooperation.please don't create any false facts to depreciate anyone. just play your role well and try the best to win for your team. and yes,we all play for the love of sports, hope you do too

AmyKsy said...

i feel sorry for you being such a coward and not exposing your true self when you posted this comment. I think you are telling the wrong person this. This is the 1st time I am joining the handball team hence I have no idea what you are talking about. And if you're talking bout playing rough, I guess all the other uni teams play the same as well.

I am speaking 'the love of the game' as referring to MUA (MISS AMYKSY) if I have ever pushed you to the ground you can come and talk to me personally and I'll give you a public apology.

And FYI, I think you are talking about FUTSAL FEMALE and not HANDBALL FEMALE, because what you're talking about has been corrupted and is far from the truth. Get your facts right Miss.

AmyKsy said...

Alice, I totally agree with you.
What's the point in having this sports event when it's all just hypocrisy and lies. Read this.

The event aims to achieve the following objectives:-

Promoting healthy lifestyle among Malaysian undergraduates in Russia.
Providing a platform for students from different Universities to interact.
Producing students who are well equipped intellectually, emotionally as well as physically.
Sports as the melting pot of integration for all these Malaysian undergraduates in Russia.
Promote co-operation among the Universities.

Truthfully speaking, every year there's only bickering, fightings, jealousies & ugly greeds to win. Integration? I don't think so.

Syah said...

so you did agree that players from M2 did pushed players from other uni's the the ground, regardless of what sports it occurred in!!

Wi said...

go RSMU!!
good luck

AmyKsy said...

[syah] no i don't agree with that. anyways, when news travel it always get distorted and all. if that's what you believe in go ahead. If you're in Kursk female handball team, I'll see you in the field. Show me what you've got cause we're going to bring the house down! With our skills and not dirty tactics! =) taa..

p/s: Say hi to me when you see me please. It's not so hard to spot me! Hah!

[wi] thx! take care there.

Anonymous said...

adui.. wheres the love girls.. too much tension..
see you guys in kursk!!! make sure you arrive by 3 am..