Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last post of the month

*Promise yourself you're going to forget and move on. Forget and move on. Make sure there's no turning back. Please! You need to be strong!*


Hehe. 2nd last day of May. Two more days to June and by 18th I'll be back to Negara Tumpahnya Darahku =P *okay, that was lame!* Anyways, few things I need to rant about!

1. I just came back from 2 days 1 night trip to Suzdal & Vladimir which were located 3.5 hours of train ride away from Moscow. I decided last minute to join my friend although I received a strong 'No' response from my mommy when I told her I want to go away for a 2 day trip 5 days prior to final exam! Heh...But still, yea I went anyways, bringing along the notes. Did read a few times during the long ride back to back.

Conclusion: No regrets! Good experience! Heck its been a long time since I've seen such breathtaking sceneries from Mother Russia other than Moscow of course! I loved the hostel we stayed at although I was there less than 7 hours! =.= And paid a hefty 750rubles for it too! Took massive loads of pictures. Can't wait to go through them when I have the mood to and start uploading!

2. What the hell is wrong with FB? I just don't feel like logging in anymore with the image loading problems! I can't see anything interesting there! I shall just wait for the problem to be solved!

3. Still trying to study for these 3 exams before I am finally off from the 5th year medicine school! And enjoy my summer before starting my final year as a medical student...can't wait can't wait!

4. Perhaps I'll give you a sneak peak on Suzdal + Vladimir? Stay tuned!

Vladimir with Love

I totally LUV this song that has been covered by Tesla Koil and I was just watching Zoey Joey 2009 (I know it came out a year ago ok!) but it's just too nice to not embed this in my blog!


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