Friday, June 04, 2010

My favorite list!

Things to do when I am back


  • Road trips! I want Penang, Malacca and overnight at Avilion PD! Going to bug him to bring me go =)
  • Dining at El Cerdo, Changkat BB!! =)
p/s: Exam went extremely well today! woot! 1 down 2 to go =) lalalala...

  • Hair cut! Facial! All the beauty regimes!
  • Swimming. I haven't been friggin' swimming for a friggin' year! Wtf!
  • Shopping!!
  • Try out all my new clothes that I bought online! LOL. Thanks to Mei, I have 1.5k RM worth of clothings to wear!~
  • Dates? Dates and more dates? Can't wait! You you you, the one who promised me once a week =P
  • Summer escapade. Beach. Be it Perhentian, Lang Tengah or Redang (These 3 which I have been before. But serious rm500 for an escapade is crazy to be missed!)
  • CLUBBING! Massive clubbing I don't friggin' care! I need to gather all my clubbing lovers!
  • Getting a tan~ yeah yeah yeah, during the swimming cycles.
  • Meeting all my friends, hell yeah! Go for mamak sessions! Shopping sessions! Movie sessions! Any sessions!
  • Part time job? Maybe. But most definitely not!
  • Spend me last JOYFUL summer before the death sentence in 2011!
  • Getting my diving license that I have been lusting since forever? If I have extra cash that is! 
p/s: So far that's it. My list came to me randomly within 1 minute. LOL. Will update if there's more! Just got bored after a week of studying the same thing! Wish me luck for tomorrow!


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