Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rainy Monday

I just had to blog about this as well! Today, a very very old acquaintance added me in FB. Lol. Her name shall remained a secret! I was shocked that she managed to find me through FB, lol so I must say, I am glad FB's apart of my life! I remembered how I used to BULLY her like mad during primary school! I was Vice Head Prefect then and I was proud of it! I even put a half-eaten CHEWING GUM on her long hair! It got stuck there and there was nothing I could do to take it out and she was crying out loud that time. In the end, I resorted to using a pair of scissors to cut off parts of her hair that got stuck with the chewing gum. And I was so afraid she was going to report it to the Head Mistress of my EVIL DEED. Now looking back, I have no idea why I bullied her! I am so sorry my dear! Make it up to you when I see you this summer alright? Sigh, I hope you find in your heart to forgive me! =(

p/s: If you're ever going to read this, please don't seek revenge and put chewing gum on my long hair when I see you ok? Hahahaha!

So tell me guys, what naughty evil deeds have you guys done when you were small? Share stories if you will =)

My favorite way of dressing up semi formal + casual. Perfect for any outing!

Haha, I was planning on wearing my 4 inch leopard wedges but it was raining that fateful morning. Sigh, had to resort to my floral canvas shoes which was a great choice in my opinion =)

The entire batch went to get our Sudeb *forensics* Final exam results. And it was our groupmate, Eekim's birthday so we headed over to TGIF for lunch! Omg, the food was so filling but I am tired of TGIF food! No more no more!

p/s: I played the entire day yesterday and didn't even study for a bit! Went out to have a drink with my friends and we ended up coming back at 1am high and drunk! LOL. Have to buckle up for exam's coming this Friday! Jitters!

Zul, the pretty boy.

Birthday girl and the bf.

Us group 52 girls!

Can you spot the ugliest guy in the picture? LOL


Coffee bean. I hope I can get free drinks this summer haha. I hope KR is still working there! Oh~ I love FRAP! =)

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