Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its called the Shopping Disease

Fuhh! In less than a week, my damages for new clothings has reached 1.4k RM. Not that much of a high figure if you ask me. It was such a bargain! H&M is <3! Bought a new leather jacket which I <3 so much from Topshop, got a few tops in Peacock London (It was buy 1 free 1, such a killer deal!), 2 pairs of shoes from New Look! =))

We celebrated Sheila's birthday today. Took massive loads of pictures. Its the 1st time since the beginning of the semester that I actually wore make up to class. I was surprised at the amounts of comments I received regarding my dress up for today. I'm waiting for them pictures and when I get them, it's blogging time babeh!

Till then, enjoy my last remaining year in Moscow, Pray I don't get killed in a fire, smart!

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