Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Manchester United

What's the point of going to Manchester if you're not visiting Old Trafford aka Manchester United Stadium?

I actually have no intention of going there for a visit until Nick told me about it. Yeah. He's obsessed with MU. No idea why though =P

But it was still an eye opener for me. Being someone who watches a football game or two per year it was still exciting to actually be in the famous stadium itself. Not forgetting the fact that we get to go to the player's changing room ^_^. Most of us were waiting for that part only . Haha. The tour lasted a good one hour before I headed back to the museum to take a look at their past achievements. All their medals and trophies were displayed for the public. They have this megastore that sells all their merchandises. Didn't buy any as it was expensive. Haha. Headed to Trafford City Centre to take a look. The shopping mall was quite big and the interior was nice. Headed back to Manchester city centre soon after.

The manager's seats


Their football field with the moving UV light to enhance growth of grasses

Quite an amazing sight

Tall Fletcher. Don't seem to favor him though :P

Ryan Giggs jersey

2 good players: Rooney and handsome Ronaldo

All the visitors in the changing room *per group*

The walkway that players marched to the field


The tour guide explaining

Football field


Row of seats

Michelle and me

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