Thursday, January 31, 2008

Deja vu-ed

The party event last night was great. Organized by fellow malaysian students from various universities in London, it's definitely something to shout about. I have heard about the event since the day I landed in London. Definitely wasn't thinking of missing it and boy was I hyped up when my friends told me that they are going and they bought the tickets for me as well :) Pictures were gorgeous but it's still in my friend's camera. Will get my hands on it as soon as possible. Some pictures up for today.

Manchester Eye

Famous Printworks building

Manchester Cathedral *normally they don't allow you to take pictures of its interior but this cathedral is an exception*

A posh bar upstairs and dancing floor downstairs

Opera House

The me you don't see often. I was so IN LOVE with the big fatty white sheep-ish plush toy that Michelle owns! Anyone giving me that for my upcoming birthday? ^_^

Sorry for the dull and unattractive pictures in this post as my photoshop already expired :(

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