Friday, February 15, 2008

cny chor 8!

Missing my family again and again and again...Talk with my mom the other day. I was happily chatting today and somehow my old friend messaged me saying my parents are over at his parent's place. 4 old friends meeting up each other. Been years since the last I have seen of Simon. Wonder how he looks like now. Anyhow they were having this big celebration as normally Hokkien people celebrate cny specially during chor 8. They were burning some offerings to the 'dead' I suppose. Simon was so kind he offered my parents to chat with me for a short while online while they were there and even send pictures of their night to me via email! Thanks ya :)

Mama *left* and papa *right* throwing offerings' outside the house

So many people

Mm I remember the same scene last year :) haha 4 old besties reunited!

Food offerings

What they doing?

Burn Burn Burn


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