Saturday, February 16, 2008

long overdue post~

Pictures taken around a month ago which I just got it from Jazvyn. Hehe. Some food pictures up hopefully you guys don't salivate ok ? Went covent garden that day after mdm tussauds. Happy happy day~~ hehe..
my char siew rice

Jaz's sweet sour pork

she's posing with the food in front. check out the reflection of the mirror. me SIBUK makan. hungry lah. haha.

covent garden with Jacintha! wind was blowing strongly.

Lone pic

Posing with the road sign. Nothing better to do. Lol.

3 girly girls :)

covent garden market place

sibuk camwhore with Jacintha. Haha. Jaz's half cut face behind.

wee...nice road side. why is Jaz so TALL? :(

Took pictures while we were walking towards the tube station. Nice view eh!

Piccadilly circus ppl!

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