Wednesday, February 20, 2008

group 32~

3 years down the road with this group. Lotsa ups and downs people leaving and all. Finally we manage to be one group that can team up and do things together. Don't regret ever being a member of this group :) Today opeha we manage to take some poser pics. Seah Tan's idea :P Eekim told me to blog more about Moscow as I was always blogging bout good ol' London. K la. For this time I'll post up some pics of Moscow for public viewing. Hehe. More of good years to come for this group till the day we graduate officially k? :)

From left: Roopa, Chua, Siva, Kristof, *Seah Tan -top*, Chong, Amy, Sheila, Eekim
Stanley holding camera

K la take pic la.

Pose again!

Taken last semester during general surgery :)

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