Wednesday, February 20, 2008

when relationship turns sour

Can two person who are so ever close last time remain as friends after ending their relationship? No grudges, forgive and forget. I bet this world would certainly be a better place to live in. Any one of you remained friends or even close friends with your exs after all the ugly confrontations and break ups?

I had. And I certainly felt happier. I am sure he did too. Occasional yum cha sessions, movies, lunch, laughing, talking crap, reminiscing about the childish pasts and the things we did. Even if its once in a year outing back in KL I am sure both appreciate the time they had and will have together even if both decided to part their ways. I hate to have to bump into someone you had once loved dearly and pretend you don't know each other. That's just way too cruel. At least for me.

p/s: I used to adore this animation called Anastasia back when I was like 10? Anyways I bump into the soundtrack today and I decided to share it with you guys.


Anonymous said...

actually, it depends i think, depends on is it really worth it for some1 to remain the past in her/his memory. n not all will be like wat u had posted, u should try to comprehend other's situation n y they do so n recall bac wat u had done, u might improve's from the bottom of my heart, so i hope there will be no heart feelings...

Anonymous said...

no hard feelings at all. we're just two different people from 2 different worlds. perhaps I had been foolish and selfish during the relationship but I did try my very best retrieving it back but was unsuccessful. I'll be more mature and responsible for my next relationship. thanks for the advice anyways. As for staying in the past's memories, good luck in loving someone who doesn't and will probably never ever love you anymore. try finding someone who really really loves you. :)