Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy birthday to myself!!!

According to Malaysian time I am already officially 21 already!!! Haha. Was kind of touched when my mom sms-ed and call me to wish me and so did my dad! He promise to give me ang pow!! ^.^ Hehe. Going to save it for my Bangkok + Krabi vacation this summer if everything goes smoothly and no one ffk!!! Grrrrr :P Oh yea, plan to go Perhentian also. But everything is still at its initial planning :) Thanks to all my friends who wishes me :) And Nick for staying up till midnight so that he can wish me first...Lol. appreciate it ok :)

Ok, due to a small request by my friend to hear me singing another song I hereby present to you another version of my singing here. Bad quality and bad singing as usual. I got sore throat so go figure ya...title of the song is: Sandy Lam - zhi shao hai you ni.

Picture of the day. Lol. Camwhore disease strike us again during ID class. Was severely bored as we waited for more than an hour for the teacher to come!! Ish. Many faces of us. :)

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