Thursday, March 13, 2008

the art of bitching

Sometimes I just can't stand people bitching aka talking bad about people behind their back to me. I really can't. I have learn my lesson very well already. So I really hope the rest of the people who has the mentality of 'Aiya, Everyone talks bad about everyone' to drop that kind of attitude. I am fine and happy being friends with you people. But every time when the norm conversation of fashion, guys or cosmetics turn to 'you know ar, that 'whoever' ar...bla bla bla..' Can't stand it ok!! I have my own life too. I have my things to worry too. I got no time to hear you people talking bad about people that I know of. People that I know that are not as bad as described. People that are actually kind hearted and generous. Really sympathized them.

I know I am that kind of people last time. I am sorry ok thats why I vowed to change for the better. I am not perfect but I am striving to be better at least my attitude wise. Sometimes its just better to shut up than opening your mouth. You might hurt people unintentionally or intentionally.

I had my share of times when I get talked bad bout as well. And it really hurts. Everyone cares about what people think of them even though they deny it. No bitching anymore..

*no pun intended*

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