Monday, March 24, 2008

Hotel Costes

I've always found their compilation of songs to be UNIQUE and friggin' upbeat and chillax-ing! Wooot..
I first heard them when I was chilling at Tee Cheng's apartment with Hong Jin playing the songs in his laptop. It just captured my attention and I quickly asked him about it!
Turns out its a hotel in Paris and I friggin' didn't know about Hotel Costes when I was in Paris! What A MISS!!!!! :( sob sob...Sigh will GO THERE IF I HAVE THE CHANCE TO IN THE FUTURE!

Oh the latest song in my blog is by Cafe Del Mar which is situated in IBIZA!!!!!! This info is provided by Mr Kristof! Well we did make a pledge to actually go to Ibiza and make a visit to Cafe Del Mar....I wonder if we can slot in this itenary into our winter trip next year.....I CAN'T WAIT!


p/s: You'll never know that even the smallest things can actually brighten up your gloomy day. Whether its a sweet wish or a small gesture of appreciation from someone whom you least expected.

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