Tuesday, March 25, 2008

now you know..

This is an example of what I eat for 1 normal meal..-_-'' Alot right? Really alot.. Lol.. Just took pictures of them when I cook just now. Dermatology class was EXCRUCIATING to the point of no return. The whole class took 3 hours!!!!! And we have to crowd inside the room the smaller than the size of my bedroom and with no air ventilation! Teacher had BO and Chong kept emphasizing on how smelly it is. It makes us even more aware of what goes into our nose! Not forgetting I was at my 'sleeping' mode. Too much of sleep makes me even more tired! Now we know that even the hottest woman have BO too..haha..*our teacher is hot*

SMKCBN KL Champion Choir 2007 *go go cbn!*

WOW!!! My previous secondary school won choir champion for KL last year! Unbelievable!!! Still remember how bad our choir team was. No proper training and no proper teacher..4 years down the road, WHAMM, emerged as champions! View it people! The 2 solo-ists can really sing! :)


C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

No wonder they emerged as the champion.... Its very nice to hear... I enjoy every bit of it...

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

forgot to mention.. I am truly amazed by the 2 girls who did the solo... Their voice was simply captivating to me..