Monday, March 17, 2008


I just finished watching 1-2 episodes of Mononoke. An anime that is exceptionally unique and differs from the ones you see normally. It is about a mysterious medicine seller faced against a cat monster that was murdering people - was the best of the three, and this new series involves the medicine seller’s encounters with five different monsters from Japanese folklore over the course of 12 episodes. Colorful and great artwork as well :)

Check the sypnosis out for the first 2 epis.


While spending the night in a traditional inn, the Medicine Seller stumbles upon a strange phenomena. A pregnant woman who is desperately seeking shelter at the inn is led to a strange room upstairs. There, she is attacked by an assassin, who is then mysteriously and gruesomely killed. A group of Zashiki Warashi are haunting the room a pregnant Shino is sleeping in. They dispose of the assassin when he tries to kill her. Apparently, the inn used to be a brothel.

Back then, the inn's owner routinely aborted her worker's children so the girls could keep working. The unborn were then encased in small hollow dolls and kept in the ceiling, trapping their souls. The unborn are drawn to Shino because of her determination to save her own child and decide they'd like her to be their mother. After saving her, they cause a bunch of weird events which drag the Medicine Seller into the middle of the whole affair.

The Zashiki Warashi want Shino to give birth to them, and she agrees (to the Medicine Seller's dismay). She pulls a sutra off her stomach (after taking a beating from the inn's owner who was trying to abort her baby) and ends up seemingly miscarrying her infant five months into the pregnancy.

In the end however, the Medicine Seller seems to have saved Both Shino and her child since she is seen with a big belly, knocked out on the floor at the end of episode 2.

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