Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Everyone's talking about RMSA election now that its the nomination time of the year. Who should we vote for? Who will do a better job in helping the Malaysian students to move forward and not be suppressed by the 'corrupted' leader of last year. Really angry when think of the previous leader. And I didn't even vote for him in the first place. I think :S Lol. Don't remember. But now that I've heard what's actually happening around us, what happen to our dearest friend because of all the 'dirty' works behind the curtain.

Just had light lunch with my fellow group mates at Mcd after ID class. There we were discussing about whom to vote for and 1 hour just flew away. I have always dislike being involve in politics. I just find it a bit annoying and troublesome. But I know every single vote counts that is why I want to vote for the right one who can lead us and not bring more troubles and problems to us than it already is.

Please don't vote for that person just because you are 'acquainted' with him. Vote for his ability, his intelligence, his leadership and his will to improve our current situation. Doesn't matter the skin black, yellow or 'langsat' color.

Janji boleh buat kerja sudah!

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C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

yup.. i agree its hard to make decisions too.. i think the MMA election will be up soon too...I used to think that only MMA's politic is so corrupted.. I guessed politics are the same regardless where it is... May the best wins the election ..