Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Love Factor Promo..watch it..

This is the first time I feel so stressed up since last semester's battle with Zelechenko but that was better cause she actually teach us. This Oskolok woman is literally strangling me to death. Can't utter a word of English other than the word 'arrow' for obvious reasons, doesn't teach nuts, expect us to know everything, thinks we have 'etalon' or answers for colloq and refuses to give us the answers for the cases that will be tested tomorrow. Worse of all, even we study, we still get fail or 3 for normal control. Like..SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Aiyooo..teacher never get as bad as this. Aih, fly away already my aftomat, this end of the sem I will suffer like :( :( Should be cause I was having too much fun during winter break, I am getting back all the sufferings now.

AH MAAAAAAA.....aih, she does know I am suffering cause each time she calls I will be telling her I am stressed cause of studies. I just don't like to lie to me 'beloved mama'. Though I know I am putting her through a lot of stress, but she's one of those people who can understand you inside out and can advice you on proper things in life.

Amy the 'clubber' doesn't deserve to be like this :P I am being labeled as that...so...yea..

p/s: So going to blog about 'leng luis' after this colloq...Hallelujah...

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