Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Malaysian DreamGirl

Well just finished watching the 10th episode of MDG..One word 'Drama'. This is what happen when you put 12 girls in a big house who are practically strangers and have to live with each other for more than 2 months. There are only 7 girls left and 1 girl will be eliminated this week itself.

This is the infamous kindergarten teacher name Giselle whom unfortunately did not make it into the top 12 even though the viewers thought she had what it takes to make it. Based from what was said by one of the judges, the infamous Kenny Sia, it was because of her skin condition which has worsen. A lot of acne growing underneath that thick makeup. Well, good excuse as models have to have porcelain face in order to take great pictures.

Plain face Fiqa. Cool hairstyle..


Fiqa is one of my favourite girls. She's outspoken and she's sweet at the same time and is of mix chinese & malay background. Even though she's emotional this week for being in the bottom 3. Her latest 'Wella' photo shoot proved to be one of her best yet in my opinion. Perfect head angle that make her look gorgeous. :) Let's just hope she doesn't get eliminated this week.

Plain face Jay

Manly Jay

Jay. She's just WOW. Perfect in every way. Mature. Have so much experience in modeling in the past. Nothing can stop her from moving forward except, THE LACK OF VOTES! She's always in the bottom 3 and I can't understand why! She's GOT WHAT IT TAKES! All the best to you too..This pictures of her is bursting with 'male' personality. She portraited the role well.

Natural beauty..

Sexy giler..

Ringo. Cheeserland. Need I say more? Her blog is one of the famous ones in Malaysia and she's good friends with Kenny Sia. A lot of people think its really undeserving for her to be in the show because she doesn't have the quality to be a model. Said to be too petite and all. Well I think she can stay very long in this show because she's got A LOT OF FANS backing her up. No doubt about it. Her blog is always flooded with fan's wishes and support. She's just sweet :)

Strong Eyna

Eyna. Unfortunately she's eliminated already last week. Quite predictable. Not much of fan base as she's the quiet kind but she's known amongst the girl to be on top-notch in every photo shoot that she was in. Bright future for her in the fashion & beauty industry like what the host said :)

I don't look like her- Cindy

Cindy Cindy. The most 'drama' girl in the entire show. Everyone seems to dislike her attitude and character saying she's fake and uses Australian accent in front of the camera. But I have viewed her blog and I don't think she's as FAKE as they say she is. I mean, girls like her are normal to be acting a bit 'bimbotic'. Has the looks and body to go with it. Guys like her and girls hate her. Is always entertaining to see how she talks with her dad and how her dad will talk to her on how to act in front of the camera, don't cry too much, and told her that the girls are talking bad behind her back. ALL BECAUSE OF SHOES & TOMATOES incidents..Small stuff also want to make it big. THAT'S WHAT GIRLS DO BEST no? Lol...Let just hope she stays in top 6 for the show to be more interesting..

Nadia. She always have the 'fierce' face yet she's OOZING with confidence and sexiness. Her body is like..purrrfeccttt..and she's hot. The only think is that when she hates someone, she literally MEANS IT. The only thing she talks about is how she hates Cindy and they have cold war over her fake accent and tomatoes. Like..-_-''' Kenny Sia's favorite to stay in Top 3. I like her but she's got to tone down a little babe..

Pretty Malay girl

Hanis Hanis...She's soooo sweeeet and prettyy..and manja...Lol. I guess all the viewers out there knows her well because she always shows her true self 'i think' in front of the camera. She's cute and bubbly too. One of viewer's favorite girls. Never get into bottom 3 before. She has a chance to win it..

Adeline. Gorgeous girl with short punk hair. ME LIKEY..Hehe. Still coping with the English language problem but getting better. KPY's favorite girl haha. Never get bottom 3 before. No dramas though. Should be a nice girl.

Valerie. The only Sabahan girl in the competition. Petite yet has a gorgeous body. Just take a look at her lingerie shoot. Eliminated 2 weeks back.

Who's left?

The judges

The girls outside of the house

This post is based on what I feel of the girls and is also influenced by what I saw in the videos as well as the blogs who've blogged about them. I have no means to talk bad about them because everyone has their flaws and beauty. I am sure all of them have what it takes to be in the show. So no more saying that 'whoever' should be kicked out from the start eh. Let's just enjoy the show and await the winner of 'MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL'

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