Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Why do I still have that feeling? That feeling that kept me prisoned for almost a year. I have yet to open up my heart and let it go. It is clear enough that there isn't any chance left, you have heard it all a thousand times, still? Why so stubborn? Why you cause yourself so much pain? No self-esteem? Can't trust yourself to be able to have a better one in the future that you can cherish with your whole fragile heart? Spring already, time to hit the park for a jog or walk. But it just hurts to much to be walking on the same track as last time. A revenue I desperately need, but I am still unable to give myself the way to...REALIZATION.

time time time..that's what they say that will heal you. I am waiting for that miracle to happen..I dare you to MOVE...forward.

p/s: I am not being emo. Really.

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