Saturday, April 12, 2008


As I feared, she's out of the competition for real :( If I were to choose between her or Nadia to be out of the competition it would be Nadia. Because she really has attitude problem and something is seriously wrong with her lips. Not nice under the camera eg: Wella pic. Goodbye my sexy foxy athletic Fiqa. Me LIKEY your hair. Lol.


Eating Mcd is like a 'luxurious' meal here. The price is twice or more compared to Malaysia. And even when I'm back, Mcd is MY LEAST option for food. But here, every time Mcd is mentioned I will be thinking twice cause of 'budget' and cause it really is extremely tempting. Like eating TGI in Malaysia. Loving DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER...Don't tell me bout Big Tasty. It's a MEN'S BURGER k :P

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