Tuesday, April 15, 2008

falling short on temptations

Been telling my friends that I want to try to at least slim down 1-2 kgs for the upcoming Massad. Need to look great on that day. Pride issues. Lol :P Can't afford to look like a drag on that day. But food is everywhere. Temptation is everywhere! Always eat late lunch hoping I can skip dinner by just drinking milk or milo for dinner. But food is always come unexpected. Like yesterday, suddenly people text me about briyani rice selling at a cheap price so I bought it and ate it for dinner even after having a heavy lunch. Sigh. And today, free load from my friend on tandoori chicken. Oh my oh my, where's the determination that kept me going to gym not stop everyday during summer last year? Lol.

*Think of wearing bikini in Krabi this June...think think think...*

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