Wednesday, April 16, 2008

life lesson 1

After playing badminton with one of the top players in uni today, *B* found out that I indeed have been bragging way way too much. Can't even smash nor drop shot or play the net properly but still want to complain about people's game and skills. That's me. Felt so embarrassed of myself. Gotta stop complaining and comparing. Sigh. Blame myself for giving up my beloved badminton after graduating from primary school. Still remember my badminton coach was a great mentor but after enrolling to SMK CBN i diverted my attention to other games eg: Volleyball, swimming & netball. Now studying in RSMU having such great skilled badminton players in the team, makes me feel 'inferior'. Well, will try to improve myself. :) Long way ahead...

p/s: Yay, tomorrow's holiday! :D

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