Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Winamp radio function is SOOOO me hooked up day and night. Gone were the days where emo chinese songs overrule my speakers..hehe here comes some cool christian rock songs, emo rock songs, alternative or even POP....Got me swaying to the music on my chair while chatting...hehe...that's leisure!~ Thanks Sammie for the introduction..bento skin rocksss... :)

Instruction : just go to Winamp website download the latest version and choose bento skin, use AOL radio and you'll be SPOILT for choice..Enjoy~~


Tub's printscreen of his laptop. Note the 'hawtt' girl as the wallpaper. GUYSSSSS..-_-''' bukan main HAMSAP...


broken rules..
see, 2 packets of ROTTON..which indeed with crabby sticks + 1am. Someone can please knock me awake. Can't control. Too hungry already :P

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