Saturday, April 05, 2008

friday chillax-ing~

Beautiful flowers at the bus stop

After surgery class, we all decided to skip russian class yet again to go and celebrate Chua's birthday by having our late lunch early dinner at 'Spago Grill' at Europeski Mall. That fella has been asking all of us to go eat since ages ago. Since it's his birthday and we were lazy so off we went. The food was alright and we sat there chit-chatting and drinking beer + eating junkies for 2 hours I think. Before proceeding back home.

And just came back from 'thani' session from Wkee's room. Something awful happened to his beloved cat 'Shaurma'. What's left are sweet memories. Hope he's alright. We kept singing old romantic 'jiwang' songs but it was nice since I like singing. Singing can express what you feel genuinely. It's late now and I am tired as I slept late last night after watching 'Shutter' movie. One of the scariest movies up-to-date. Though it's an old one but I still enjoyed it. Bugger from 6th floor was trying to scare the hell out of me last night by telling me creepy stuff at 7th floor while we were walking past it to go back to my room. Darn it. But it was kind of creepy. No lights and chilly feeling...ZZzzzZZZ..Don't think too much.....Nights...

Kristof, Chong & Chua with his pressie

Proud owner of new mp3 player with mua

Mandatory camwhore pics


Bus stop..

I am loving the sun..

Our hospital 'Zil' behind

These two looked good today


Guys pretend to be 'yeng'

we pretend to be 'yeng' too

Can kill you with our deadly stares

My skillful photography of Sam

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