Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seeing Life from God's Point of View

Just finished my bible study group session for the week. Had great dinner together. Big group around 10 people. Mee goreng was nice, the grill chicken was scrumptious, home-made donut was ICHIBAN!, lol as well as curry, the 'tong sui' that taste like home, and agar-agar for dessert. Ate a lot, and started playing the 'fruit & vege' game + the 'I' game. Lazy to elaborate. But in the end, Andrew being 'I am pregnant and gatal'. Me being the father of Andrew's child and I have itchiness down there. Eliz being 'I am the smelly sexy concubine'. -_-'' Clarence is a GIRL and has BIG BOOBS. Lol..

Had a short but meaningful bible study on 3 different metaphors about life on Earth which I find it quite aspiring.

1. Life on Earth is a TEST.
God uses these tests to REVEAL and DEVELOP our CHARACTER.
James 1:2-3
2. Life on Earth is a TRUST.
God created everything, He gave us some things to TAKE CARE of.
The more God gives us, the more RESPONSIBLE He expects of us.
Luke 16:10
3. Life on earth is a TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT.
God has a PURPOSE for ME on this earth before I go back to Him.

What it means for me is to actually be happy and APPRECIATE the trials and tribulations that we face in our life. Everything happens for a reason. It can develop perseverance and maturity growth as in individual.

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