Monday, May 05, 2008

Massad daylight..

Do I look like a bride with my permed hairdo? Love the look..

I woke up early despite sleeping quite late the night before. Scheduled to head over to the hall for rehearsal. I had a hair appointment with my trustworthy and greatly skilled friend, Shu Shien to set up my hair at 11am without prior tryouts because we were too caught up with stuff. The hair was done at 1.10pm, 10 minutes late to assemble downstairs with the drama team to head over Sputnik Hotel. I was donned in my old purple jacket and black shorts with sandals with two hands full of paper bags filled with beauty necessities (eg: dress, makeup, pumps). Trust me, it's heavy. Took the bus and then tram to reach the place. The hall was still at the early stage of preparation. Went through a few rounds of drama practices before deciding to finish practicing and the girls started to get ready to transform into the 'Cinderellas' of RSMU. Everyone was so excited and particularly meticulous on how they look. After all this is MASSAD, once in a year dinner reception for fellow medical students who don't usually look 'hot' on a daily basis. Lol.

Indian modern dance..believe it! It was darn cool!

And MASSAD officially started. Performances were up to my expectation but it wasn't out of the ordinary as I already saw the performances rehearsal that we had in sportzal the day before.

Opening act

FOOD. Our table did not get enough food! All of us are big eaters and when the dishes arrived, it will be emptied in seconds! And we can't get extra servings although this is a buffet style dinner! But still I was full by the end of the event and felt nauseated during the open dance floor time where I was dancing my heart out to the catchy tunes played by the dj of the night. :)

Soo Ann and mua..Thanks for the necklace and manicure dear :)

Kim Swee, Cutie Pauline, Amy


The talented guy..

Steph, Amy, Alyssa

Vice president of RMSA, Eric..

Gorgeous Jaz..

Camwhore kaki

4th year seniors

Don't we all love mirrors..

Jo can dance like a PRO!!!! I am amazed..

Kwan Lili, junior

Sam Tay, gangster of the night

Anaand, best dressed guy in the hall in my opinion, Hottie Mira, Amy

Best student of 3rd year 2008, Angel Ang. Fellow group mate, ex-model, pretty smart lass..

Senior of seniors, Edric Yip, Prom King MASSAD 2008

Super hot Viv...she transformed into a swan that night..

Our yearly pose..

Kim Swee


Overall it was an entertaining and enjoyable night. I enjoyed it throughout. Can't wait for MASSAD 2009, another grand dinner reception just for us!

Up next, when the night falls MASSAD 2008!

p/s: Thanks Shu Shien for the gorgeous hairdo, my first ever permed hair done by you :)

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