Tuesday, May 06, 2008

As the night falls..

Red rose for the beautiful maiden

As the sky began to get darker, the whole hall got dimmer as well. Candle was lighted on our table making it a romantic dinner night. Lol. 2 bands performed and both took my breath away. Bough was extremely good with his powerful vocal singing songs from the likes of Oasis and others. While Tesla Coil, the infamous hard rock band performed with lead singer Shekeen and suprisingly Rafiq, electric guitar player sang duet with her. His voice was so sexy that all of us girls started chanting his name. Haha. Sang songs like Umbrella and from the movie Coyote Ugly. Wooott..It was GREAT...


Half done

Pretty Sooj, Amy, Pretty Hsu Yin

Lol. I was so immersed in the band I did not notice this was candid. I looked frustrated somehow :P

Our table..cheers..

The drama..hip and cool people on the left, nerd on the right..

The guys approaching the nerd


Come join us for club..lol

Starry starry night..

Yunn Min piano performance..

Prom King..

Our pretty director


Cheers with apple juice..

Tesla Coil


Candlelight dinner

After party...hot and sweaty..


Dancing on the open dance floor but still got time to pose..haha

Sweaty us

My hair pin bling-ed~!

Ruey Ying the slimming mentor

Most gorgeous girl in the hall ~ Leelee

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C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

I like the fact that you divide your Massad nite into massad daylight and as the night falls...