Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tagged on random facts

Massad 3rd year group pic 2008

Tagged by Irise back a week ago.

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Random Fact 1
Used to be self-centered and bossy.

Random Fact 2
I am very 'manja' with my mom. Seriously. I will behave like a baby in front of her. -_-''

Random Fact 3
Loves to travel and meet up with new people all the time. Experience new things in life. Excitement and adventure!~

Random Fact 4
Had plastic surgery before. :) But don't think too much. Just a minor one.

Random Fact 5
Loves to camwhore! Everyone who knows me should know! lol

Random Fact 6
Don't really like hitting the books and is extremely lazy when it comes to studies.

Random Fact 7
I take nearly the same intake of food as a guy. Serious.

Random Fact 8
Laptop is my best friend and the best place to chill the entire day is on my bed in my room. :)

The toughest thing...People I wanna tag : People try to do this ok?
1. Soo Ann
2. Dominic
3. Billy
4. Clichegal
5. Gajen
6. Jia Wei
7. Adam Chooi
8. Chris RSMU


ChiroBie said...

Random Fact 4... Come on...... Everyone is curious!!! Haha ~

Kristof said...

Random fact 3: Oh really? I'm so surprised, my faith in humanity has been restored.