Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New age of proposing~

Was doing my daily routine that is viewing Kennysia's blog, and saw his latest post. The uber super cool way to ask a girl for her hand in marriage. What is the tactic?

Take a video of yourself proposing to her, upload it into youtube, and send it to your good friend who happens to be one of the most famous bloggers around!

There you go! Haha...and from the latest update, THE GIRL SAID YES!!!!!!

So sweet but if it was me, I would definitely prefer the traditional old way. Get down on your knees and pop the question LAH! Haha. The girl will surely melt and cry you a river of joy man!

Still, what an innovative way to propose!~


ChiroBie said...

Aiks.. Mis-deleted it LOL
I was saying, Gavin did propose to Fiona with flower and ring! And he did kneeled down okay... Thats for sure rite? Haha ~ Sweettt =)

TheLostGal said...

oi u know them ah? hahaha..
ur news more GENG than me..
wish them all the happiness in the world laa...

when's ur turn ar? invite me to ur wedding ok? lol

ChiroBie said...

Deng... I dunno them of course. But aren't we getting info by reading blogs??? Haha~ Fiona blogs too okay LOL

My turn??? I guess you first haha =)

TheLostGal said...

yea rite man, im a single free bird, where else you're attached ^^ haha

ChiroBie said...

Noooooooooo... I am still available guys!!! Hahaha ~

TheLostGal said...

wait till enci reads
u die lo.. :P