Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To everlasting love...

Mom talked to me today. I asked her how she spent her Mother's day. She told, my dad, who has never ever express his feelings to mommy after exchanging vows when they were lawfully wedded, gave her CARNATIONS!!! And they resume celebrating 'the day' eating fish head curry at some famous local restaurant! Boy, I am jealous! Haha but I am extremely happy for mommy as well.

I don't know if it's the thing with men, but after marriage, all the special treatments prior to that will disappear into thin air. Never have I seen them holding hands, or hugging each other! Or maybe they do it within their bedroom door, I don't know. But I am glad this time around my dad initiated the move and gave my mom SOMETHING! I always nag my dad during previous years to get my mom flowers, and he retorted each and every year, 'She's your mother, you should get her something instead of me!' Well, in the end I would buy her a gift or 'treat' her to dinner although you know I know the money came from her as that's the money I saved up from the pocket money that they gave. Lol.

But I guess when their dearest daughter is far far away, dad has no choice but to do it himself! :P To my brother, he seems to be having difficulties coping with his STPM. Hope he can pass with flying colors and enjoy the lasts of his school days.

To everlasting love...especially to this special family of mine...

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